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How many Cops? How many Crown Lawyers? How many Politicians and even Federal Cabinet Ministers are accessories to the 1st degree murders of Marie-France Comeau, Jessica Lloyd and Deborah Rashotte?


How many Cops? How many Crown Lawyers? How many Politicians and even Federal Cabinet Ministers are accessories to the 1st degree murders of Marie-France Comeau, Jessica Lloyd and Deborah Rashotte?


Guy Brummell is a genius and real life honest to goodness hero to truth.

Chris X “former OPP Detective”

Gerald Brummell figured it out. That is why my firm could not continue to represent Ms Massicotte. We realized we had a conflict once we talked to Brummell..

Lawrence Greenspoon. - Massicotte Lawyer

Guy, I hope you are wrong, but I know you are right. They had Williams on DNA in Ottawa, I have had that confirmed...

David Ross. - Massicotte Lawyer

Mr Brummell it has been an honour to meet you and I salute your standing in the storm the way you have to see that justice comes to these victims.

Y “current” OPP Superintendent

Mr Brummell I am passing on this information to the new head Professional Standards. He is a good man and will definitely look into these allegations...

OPP Superintendent Ken McDonald - April 2013

Mr Brummell I passed your information to OPP Professional Standards, I cannot believe they have not contacted you,.... please give me your number again...

OPP Superintendent Ken McDonald - April 2013

I agree that the police knew it was Williams before the roadblock

                                      Jane Doe and LLoyd family lawyer Michael Pretsell - November 2012

.... so was Jennat McDonald the girl Williams tried to kidnap in Trenton, or was this some other girl?

                                       Jane Doe and LLoyd family lawyer Michael Pretsell - January 30th, 2014

Gerald, everything you have told us has been confirmed by my sources. You figured this thing out....the Rashotte family and Ms. Massicotte owe you so much...

                                      Phillip Healey. - Massicotte Lawyer - February 9th, 2013

Brummell passes himself off as a genius and is obsessed with making up theories about the Russell Williams matter.” . . . Brummell is a retired lawyer from Queens....

                                  Testimony of OPP Detective ‘Dirtycop’ Darryl Foulkes - December, 2013

... is a recreational litigant who appears to enjoy playing the part of a lawyer to the point of holding himself out as such for the purpose of committing criminal fraud. Having had the opportunity to assess the Plaintiff’s demeanor in court, both as a witness and as a self-represented litigant, I am of the view that his determination to bend the evidence and the law to his particular view is only limited by his imagination.

Judgement of Brian Abrams - October, 2014

The cover up continues, the amount of damage this will do to the reputation of the OPP,

the office of the crown attorney, and the system of justice notwithstanding; I am aware that the victims families have been kept in the dark in this matter, and I believe that those responsible for the actions of those servants of the crown who caused this to happen should have the responsibility of informing these people, rather than the media.

Laurie Massicotte - July, 2012

NOTE: If you are a woman (or man) who has been forcibly confined and sexually assaulted by one of the DirtyCops mentioned on this page, contact us.

You are not alone!

Contact us and tell us your story.

Several woman have also experienced the same actions by this same DirtyCop and I suspect there are many other victims out there. We will protect your identity and are driven to bring this piece of garbage to the dump, where he belongs.

In both cases, this OPP Detective followed his victims into the bathroom at parties, locked the door and sexually assaulted them. One victim is herself a police officer who claims she will bring charges against ‘this rapist piece of garbage’ when her husband retires from the OPP.

Another victim has posted online that she was raped by an officer mentioned on this page.

An alleged victim who goes by the name ‘Honey’ out of fear of using their real identity, posted online that she was raped by an OPP Detective in a parking lot at a Belleville mall.

A person calling herself Darla has contacted me via this site and told me that same Detective continually demanded sex from her ‘by extortion’ and had raped her several times, but the OPP will not do anything about it. She would not confirm if she was the same victim as ‘Honey.’

Criminal negligence

  1. 1219. (1) Every one is criminally negligent who

    1. 1(a) in doing anything, or

    2. 2(b) in omitting to do anything that it is his duty to do,


Paragraphs 25.3(1)(b), (d) and (e) of the Criminal Code require the following information to be made public:

  1. The number of cases in which the senior officials:

    1. authorized a public officer to commit a justified act or omission that would otherwise constitute an offence and that would likely result in loss of or serious damage to property, or

    2. authorized a public officer to direct another person to commit a justified act or omission that would otherwise constitute an offence.

  2. The nature of the conduct being investigated in these cases.

  3. The nature of the justified acts or omissions, which would otherwise constitute offences, that were committed. 

There were no 25.3 submissions in 2009/2010.    

There is no escaping it now!

A ‘taste’ of TheTRUTH

“...these license plate numbers confirm the witnesses observations...the OPP were watching Williams from the lot across the bay as early as Jan 25th, 2010 at 11:05 A.M... four days before he grabbed Jessica Lloyd.

... an F.O.I. request to the California State Police, relative to any OPP request or BOLO on Williams for Jan 30th, 2010 could be golden.”


“Once that was established, I was no longer a criminal, but a valued associate of these officers. Each of them had previous run-in’s with  OPP Det. Darryl Foulkes. ...they saw Darryl Foulkes as a pathological liar and a dangerous psychopath. ...Sean could not believe how the OPP were so jacked on testosterone.... bunch of cowboys! we know why. ”


“..the cop they sent was Baldassare Nuccio. A little pinkyring  wearing toughie who was a poor character type from a Martin Scorsese movie. Nuccio was either totally incompetent, or just as big a criminal piece of garbage as those he was pretending to investigate.... the fact he and Crowley were working a murder investigation in Warkwarth at the same time, suggests that Nuccio was just a criminal piece of garbage. Nuccio admitted being a pathological liar on the stand. Just Google ‘Crowley Nuccio Warkwarth and you will find the articles, or access our e-directory. 

Not surprising at all, as the nine hours I spent with him made my skin crawl.... that the OPP could employ such a mental midget was disturbing... he just about had a heart-attack when I looked him in the eyes and told him I had a full copy of my Crown disclosure and thus proof that the OPP Digital Forensics was a sham.

Ken Smith, Baldassare Nuccio and those two unnamed Crown Lawyers who cleared Foulkes and his cast of criminals are all responsible for Williams murders and the sexual assaults on several women by their own officer.


“... OPP claim to have found only seven samples of DNA attributed to Williams and four of those samples were said to have not been suitable for comparison?

... the National DNA Database (NDDB’s) own submission for 2009/2010 (see chart C11), proves the OPP numbers are impossible... Williams DNA ‘somehow’ defied unimaginable mathematical odds of detection.

..any mother could affirm Jayne Pellerin is foolish to expect anyone to believe she could not find the DNA of Jane Doe’s eight week old baby on her pyjamas, especially considering they were not laundered for five days?”


“Inspector Chris Nicholas admitted to Laurie and her lawyer that the OPP had covered up a third attack victim. that time OPP were under orders from Orillia to protect Colonel Williams at all cost. ”


“ ... examination of the files showed more than tampering with sophistication, ... the OPP has been doing this for many years, intentionally obstructing justice and violating the rights of hundreds, if not thousands of accused. Their forensics can never be trusted in any court of law. My discovery proves this.”


“everything became clear when I spoke to the truck drivers. While I had long known that the OPP and Crown were lying, now I had the evidence to prove it..... they knew Williams was the suspect in the first attack, that is why they made no effort to detect DNA at Massicotte’s home, or even run a rape kit on her.”

“..Williams repeatedly raped, tortured and eventually murdered Jessica Lloyd, while police sat in their cars 75 metres across the bay, binoculars in hand and did nothing..... nothing that is, except follow order, as they had since the coverup of the Jennat McDonald incident with Colonel Russell Williams.

.....these OPP officers were aware that Williams had Jessica Lloyd at his cottage for the last five hours of her life, making them, and anyone else who knew or protected Williams, accessories to 1st degree murder. 

Jessica Lloyd paid the ultimate sacrifice for the ‘big capture,’ .... the promotions and the political appointments... she was as disposable to the OPP as she was to Williams, who clearly took her life to try to frame Larry Jones.”


.... this Sony had only a simple ten second timer and no remote control option... I began to examine the images to determine how Williams could have possibly taken these ‘posterior shots’ as self portraits... the end result suggests it was impossible for him to do so without help. Someone else pressed the shutter release on that camera; an accomplice, someone the Crown is protecting to this very day.

Ten months before even issuing a Statement of Claim, Mary Elizabeth Harriman’s lawyers offered Massicotte $75,000.00, with the curious condition that she agree NOT to sue the OPP for any reason.”


“... car loads of OPP detectives descended upon the Lloyd home from ‘out of nowhere,’... at that time Gina knew something was horribly wrong... when she pulled back the comforter her policing instincts were confirmed.....”


“ when they told me it was Inspector Mike Graham who interviewed them, I was immediately suspicious.......comparing the friends stories with the police records proved police were lying about Deborah’s death. ..they never questioned Williams about Deborah’s disappearance.” 


“..this model (KGB7) represented a true trap. Dalton McGuinty had only two choices, act and possibly be exposed himself , or resign and hope it would all go away.  Proving the models lethal outcome was easy; two weeks to the day after Dalton McGuinty received this information package he announced his resignation and ran away from TheTRUTH.”


“Chris Lewis has the responsibility and authority to bring any man or woman to justice, even himself..... thus far he has done nothing but hope this goes away....”


“... every time I would hear police were trying to discredit me, I could smell it,... Foulkes! ...I knew I was getting closer to TheTRUTH. 

...this means the OPP actually budget for coverups! ...the pleading suggests Ottawa police connected Williams with DNA, but were ordered to stand down, and watch him, the question is ‘by whom?’ ..Foulkes writing ‘Williams R’ and having Michael Bryant’s phone number in his 2006 disclosure suggests he was aware of Williams at that time.... Foulkes notes are another clue to the origin of OPP’s observation of Russell David Williams. ”


“...I just followed the evidence. I had no idea these same officers were involved in the Williams investigation, or that the modality of Darryl Foulkes lies would be so easily recognizable in determining TheTRUTH in Williams.”


“..while Jessica Lloyd may have been nearby fighting for her last breaths, Darryl Foulkes and Brad Robson took hours to stage ‘OPP legacy photos’ at Williams cottage, moving their shiny OPP car here, and then there. be sure of the times we measured the shadows in the images on the same day of the year. ...they made no effort to search neighbouring homes, garages or out-buildings for the missing woman. ...they had gotten Williams DNA from Jessica the night before at 2AM.” 


“. . not only did my confirmation of motion fax mysteriously disappear from the court file, so did all documents filed by Crown lawyer Judith Parker (seen in photo C4). ...The Crown could not lose this motion, as there were never any names to release. ..those Crown lawyers would be accessories after the fact to murder!”


“ convincing Laurie that Larry Jones had a cause of action against her, and by suing Laurie, it created a model which would not let these criminals escape took less than a minute. Laurie is a very intelligent woman who is responsible for these discoveries. While this was a horrible nightmare that never ended, she refused to stop. She did this for her angels, Marie, Jessica and Deborah...”

“..someone was arrested at the home of Comeau two nights after the murder, but let go.... no names were even written down.

..Chris Nicholas told me he had no idea six Project Hatfield officers were under criminal probe for conspiracy, tampering, theft and obstruction. ... he claimed to have never met Darryl Foulkes before..the 2007 picture of him with his face near Foulkes penis suggested otherwise.....”


“ ... I explained to Humphreys, if I were a reporter I would look for Williams connections to G20. ...the OPP annual budget for 2010 was $700 million dollars. Meanwhile, police spent $624 million dollars for two days of ‘security’ in the streets of Toronto during G20,.. think about that!  ...the entire Libyan conflict was said by Fantino to cost the tax payers only $52 million a year! ....Who has the G20 money?”

“ 2009. Despite sitting on three justice committees, MP Rick Norlock, himself a former OPP officer, said ‘he didn’t look at the evidence of crimes by Foulkes, Beatty, Robson, Reive, Crowley Pellerin  and Finnigan, as ‘he didn’t have to if he didn’t want to’ He further suggested I was crazy..... Attorney General Nicholson told me that he had no authority over crimes committed by OPP Officers, ..... perhaps Nicholson was aware at that time of the OPP undercover investigation of Williams dating back to 2006.... Nicholson did suggest I contact a lawyer and deal with the matter myself, and so,..... I did.

.... Rick Norlock, Julian Fantino and Rob Nicholson all current Federal Conservative MP’s and each of them informed by me personally of Foulkes crimes and criminality, prior to Williams initial murder of Marie France Comeau and the subsequent murders, ...all under Foulkes watch.”


“...QWOPP Inspector Johns had a massive heart attack and was rushed to hospital within hours of learning that I had filed my lawsuit. He never returned to work except to retire.” 

“...however the evidence of Foulkes 20% pay increase for the year of 2009, followed by a 30% decrease after Williams arrest, suggests massive overtime for 2009, when Brad Robson had been seconded to the Eastern Region Intelligence Bureau on a special assignment. .....What or whom were they investigating?

... it began with the May 2009 complaint against Williams by a Trudeau Park couple, the attempted abduction in Trenton on August 2nd, 2009, the third attack by Williams the police admit was covered up, Bulah Beatty’s complaint against Williams, Bonnie Jones reporting the break-in the night before Jessica Lloyd was kidnapped.... “

“.. he told me that they had quietly asked the city to remove the cameras in the area of the Tim Hortons during the year leading up to the Williams hearing.”

“Foulkes was communicating with Bryant in the spring of 2006, perhaps they were discussing favourite ways to do coke?...”


“...Foulkes claimed Menari didn’t exist and had checked all government databases.... as it turned out, Mike Menari was actually in the OPP witness protection program....

Menari was involved in an OPP sting in Barrie Ontario where Hells Angels Steve ‘Tiger’ Lindsey and Ray Bonner were convicted of extortion, and the Hells Angels were determined to be a criminal organization under 467.1 of the criminal code. 

...although called a ‘Barrie Businessmen’ by OPP, I recall Mike selling illegal Bell Expressview hacks to his OPP friends. 

I remembered he had told me before that his password was something like ‘eatmoo’...I hacked the dirtest web site directory and found a file on the server where Menari had a page of multiple Ontario drivers licenses showing his picture,... but each with different names.”


“..threatening to tell the world about ‘License Plates and DNA’ had an obvious effect on ‘someone.’ ...Despite smashing Mayor Ellis in the face and brutally assaulting his wife Chief McMullan, breaking her arm; David McMullan got a ridiculous 30 day sentence in the Belleville Courts, and was released from the Quinte Detention Centre after only spending 10 days, hidden out in the jail hospital.”


“... it was fall a Friday night. David Ross and I travelled together to Hastings to meet with O‘Neil. We had talked for a few minutes, when O’Neil asked me: ‘What cause of action does Jones have against Williams in your mind?”..... my reply causes him to smile and his eyes twinkled a little... O’Neil agreed. the end, I got a pizza from the restaurant and went back to sit by the fire with Groovy and consider the next step in the model.

The filing was delayed until shortly before the close of court on Friday, as not to allow any media release prior to the weekend. Seglins and his CBC crew interviewed Larry and Bonnie on Sunday and broke the news early Monday morning, just in time for me to go to the Quinte West Police Services board meeting and ‘say goodbye’ to Earl Johns in a fitting manner... his response was something like ‘uh,..uh... I have never met an Andrew Beatty, b..b..b...but I know a B.B.Ben Beatty”

....once seasoned media veteran Ernst Kuglin caught him lying about Beatty, it was like watching a cat play with a guilty mouse.... I thought Johns was going to have another heart attack, so I left,.. when I walked out he and Carson Pardy were spinning and lying to the media....”


“David Ross is the most honourable man I have ever known....the attack on David was a sad act of desperation, and also proof that this mess went to the core of the legal system, and perhaps,... the system of Justice as well.

...the recording reflects both officers Whittaker and Conner agreeing with the evidence. Baldassare Nuccio and the unnamed Crown Lawyers clearly conspired to obstruct justice and allowed these criminal cops to wipe their asses with the law. 

...the same cops literally allowed Williams to murder Lloyd, while they sat back and watched.”


..she was running home to write her mysterious Plenty Of Fish boyfriend, at the same time, she was covering up the DNA which ought to have been found at Williams home invasions and sexual assaults. I sent her my picture in handcuffs the day after she told me she wanted to use the ‘L word’.... her account deleted within seconds.”


“..Dave Seglins got it! C.B.C. lawyers argued successfully to get the ITO released in the fall of 2011. ...when I received my copy, I immediately began to examine the document for physical signs of tampering. Within five seconds I realized it was a forgery. Burgess had swapped the document! ...staple holes would show up on at least one of the 53 pages when photocopied. ..however the information in the affidavit was not known to police until months after they had searched Jones home...”

The BIG question is “why did JP Ernie Parsons seal that warrant?”


“...Michael Friscolanti wrote it just as it read... ‘Williams denied causing any damages to Massicotte and wanted her to pay his legal bills.’...when Joe Warmington called me and also wanted to know what was in Williams Statement of Defence. I explained it in reverse to him... ‘the Crown also wanted Massicotte to pay for their legal bills!’.... within days of Warmington’s Sun piece, the ‘Crown jumped like a trained seal to a fish’ and amended their Defence, removing the cost request. I knew then someone was scared.

...although Laurie mentioned the third murder, and numerous contacts had been made with the OPP relative to Deborah Rashotte’s death, the police have not ever as much as inquired what evidence we have,.... for good reason, one of their own may have been the murderer.”

“... the picture sickened me to the core as I realized it had to have been taken by media during the days of the hearing. “What the hell could he possibly be smiling about?”

Williams confessed. ...Burgess. produced a totally unnecessary display of repugnant horror in sadistic pornographic detail, torturing the victims and their families, over and over and over,  ...Burgess then had the unmitigated audacity to suggest requesting a D.O. status for Williams would ‘somehow’ be to much for the families. ...a back-door deal was obvious.

...there was only one reason I could imagine as to why the Crown needed to make Williams crimes so public, and that was ‘to smoke screen’ for the monstrous coverup...

...the lawyer told me that Burgess had threatened him. If he did not commit perjury, his ‘legal aid’ business would dry up and he would no longer practice criminal law in Belleville. This is exactly what happened.

... Aaron came down to my cell and informed me ‘This Judge doesn’t like you,’ referring to Robert Scott. Despite me personally informing Scott six months earlier that he and my brother-in-law were business partners, Scott claimed to have just learned of the conflict that existed between us, putting over my bail release long enough for ‘Criminals’ Crown  Attorney Peter Barnes and his ‘friend’  Foulkes to conspire in their little double-cross. 

....No media publications ever caught the fact that Justice Rob Scott and Russell Williams had both attended Upper Canada College. Scott was apparently expelled however for ‘personal misconduct.’

... how ironic that a Judge who was allegedly thrown out of Upper Canada College for drug use, would later be admonished by the Court of Appeal for obvious bias against defendants in a marijuana trial. The rebuke by the Court of Appeal of Scott mirrored what I had said all along. Scott is a punk.


...the exchange with Andy Lloyd told me more than his words could ever express. In the end Jessica had a dollar sign on her. It makes me wonder how much money it takes to forgive someone who rapes and murders your own sister?

The fact that Lloyd’s lawyer was aware that Jessica had been used for bait by the OPP who sat by and let her be murdered and  yet Andy refused to take action is sickening. Laurie said it best,  “I alone was the only person still fighting for justice for Jessica.”


....this OPP Inspector was excitedly engaged in our conversation. 

“What was the Commissioners response to your email?” he asked.

“There was none” I said “he took it like a little  B.... I suspect Foulkes lies has him caught between heaven and hell.”

“Woah, you must really have him in a corner” he said.

... he was overwhelmed by the information I exchanged with him.

“You bin doing this what, 30 years?” I asked?

“Something like that”....

“You have been sitting here, looking into my eyes this last hour and a half,... any question that I am not telling the truth?” I asked.

“None” he replied, “as a matter of fact I am honoured to have met you and amazed that you stood through this storm in the name of Justice” he added.

I left it that if he wished to ‘broker the peace’ between the OPP and myself, I would be willing to talk, if not I intended to destroy the reputations of each of these criminals, including the Commissioner, with TheTRUTH.


“..the promotions and money trail did not stop there, Carson Pardy, Vince Hawkes and Chris Lewis all ‘responsibe for Foulkes being in charge of the Williams mess’ and presumably in the information loop re: Williams, got new chairs and promotions after Williams. Lewis became the Commissioner, despite my being told “Lewis would never be commissioner because he was caught f---- another cops wife a few years ago”.

Julian Fantino, Vern White and General Angus Watt, all received the following commissions and appointments subsequent to their service in the matter of Colonel Russell Williams....

Who in Canada had the need, and the power to pull all these strings? Who ordered the ITO to be forged? “


.. these women had been forcibly confined and sexually assaulted (much like Williams had done), yet the OPP had created an environment where these women were afraid to report him, because of the ‘water he carried in the Williams fiasco. This supported a discarded model which suggested that Williams was perhaps being manipulated by this same dirtbag cop. I began to remodel the events of Deborah’s murder. ‘Who really did murder Deborah?’


“...since the fateful phone call to Laurie on November 27th, 2010, not one day has passed where my mind was not in Cosy Cove, or working on one of the hundreds of tensegrity models which lead to The TRUTH. ... 

I will drag each of these criminals to justice. Let them sue, let them charge me with libel...the court room is the place for truth, Bring out your evidence and let’s see it! .

...Marie France, Jessica and Deborah paid for it.....they were robbed of the right to live their lives for the convenience of others.... lets finally know TheTRUTH that cost them everything that they were.”

Gerald G Brummell
author of TheTRUTH˙

The Law, for those involved....

Accessory after the fact

23. (1) An accessory after the fact to an offence is one who, knowing that a person has been a party to the offence, receives, comforts or assists that person for the purpose of enabling that person to escape.

“My daughters and I want to nominate Guy Brummell for the Order of Ontario.

Laurie Massicotte “Victim of Colonel Russell Williams and OPP”


Did Prime Minister Stephen Harper know? We he aware of this massive coverup? That several of his MP’s and Cabinet Ministers were possibly accessories to first degree murder? Did he know of the Crown’s involvement in the murders of these three young women?

“But for now at least Laurie Massicotte is the least

of the OPP’s worries. They face an even greater adversary.....

Gerald Guy Brummell”

David Gibb author of “The Camouflaged Killer”


OPP Detective Darryl Foulkes - alleged sexual predator and rapist.

Proof the OPP are Lying About When they Knew

Colonel Williams was the ‘Person of Interest’..

Who is the victim OPP have covered up all along?

Who is Responsible for Jessica Lloyds Murder?